K9 Ring Steward


K9 Ring Steward was developed to assist Chief Ring Stewards and Ring Stewards. It is a registry of stewards and events requiring stewards. Chief Ring Stewards can post their requirements and Ring Stewards are able to advise of availability.

Access is by approval only.

Please register to get started.

Steward: Once logged in choose the Request Steward Listing and submit. After being approved log in and access the whole site. As a steward check the Upcoming Events page and note availability for an upcoming event. Please check back frequently.

Chief Ring Steward: Once logged in choose the Upcoming Events page and submit a new listing. You will need a listing for each AKC event number. After the event has been approved you will have access to the list of stewards and the search features. Check back frequently to verify steward availability.

The Ring Steward: Just One of the Unsung Heroes

“No matter the area of interest in which you compete, there is a great group of very special people that makes it all possible. Each event has a club sponsor, an event chair, and numerous volunteers who work hard over many months of preparation to put on the shows, trials, and events that we all enjoy.

I call these hard-working dedicated fanciers and volunteers the unsung heroes of our sport. There are many areas that we could identify and pay homage to, but in this column, I would like to celebrate the ring stewards at our many events.”

With permission:
Walter J. Sommerfeld
Show Sight Magazine


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